Timothy Aberle was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the age of eight, his family migrated to Dana Point, California. Growing up with two brothers, he learned the importance of friendship and loyalty. Regularly attending Saint Edwards Catholic Church with his family, he developed a strong interest in religion and decided to research as many different religions as possible throughout his years. 

Having an eccentric imagination, he drew inspiration through different genres of music and adventurous movies. Growing up on the beaches of Strands and Salt Creek, he grew a deep respect and love for the ocean. His love for the ocean fueled his imagination and daydreaming about the unknown became normal. While others found surfing and boogie boarding to be great pastimes, Timothy often wrote short stories and songs in a journal and spent much of his time at the local library reading Stephen King books. It wasn’t till he attended Dana Hills High School that Timothy enrolled himself in a bible literature class in search of further educating himself on religion. At this time, he penned a short story called Cain’s Fury as a project for class and received high praise for its creativity. 

A big turning point in Timothy’s life was when his mother, Donna, fell ill to a rare deadly disease called scleroderma. His mother stricken with grief, desperately turned to reading inspirational books about Angels to help cope with the stress of being sick. Through chemotherapy and heart wrenching times, Timothy witnessed the courage of both his mother and father. On October 3rd, 1999 tragedy fell over Timothy’s household when his beloved mother, Donna, passed away. 

Moving back to Las Vegas to start over, Timothy fell in love with a young lady with a love for books. After sharing his short story, Cain’s Fury, with the young lady who he would soon marry, she encouraged him to allow his imagination to go to work and he began writing his debut novel. Using Cain’s Fury as the template, Chronicles of Kane was born. 

Timothy resides in Las Vegas with his wife and two children, Dean and Sam. He works for a luxury home builder as a service technician and remains hard at work on Legacy of Kane, the next volume in the Kane Trilogy.