Coming Soon to Joshua Tree Publishing is the latest novel by James Gilbert, The Legacy.

Part mystery and part romance, The Legacy is a commentary on the legal profession as well as a vivid picture of a city that has always been divided between an elite upper class and waves of aspiring immigrants.  While unraveling the puzzle of an oddly worded Last Will, Adam Chauncey and Sally Warren seek to uncover the secrets of the legacy left by an enigmatic Chicago financier. Their search for answers takes them from the elite mansions North of the city to the Latino neighborhoods of the South Side. What they discover is a dysfunctional family troubled by a strange adoption and a second family related to the deceased. As they explore one lead after another, they begin to realize the complicity of the senior partners of their law firm in a cynical cover-up. Whether or not they reveal the existence of a second, more recent will, presents them with a desperate choice.