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Nightmare of the Past

Life had always been hard on me. It kept playing with me and tormenting me, making me anxious and scared at every step of...

Going Home

Millie Parker found herself taking over her father’s veterinary clinic when her dad retired, and he and wife Carolyn moved to Florida. Millie’s life...

The Legacy

Coming Soon to Joshua Tree Publishing is the latest novel by James Gilbert, The Legacy. Part mystery and part romance, The Legacy is a commentary...

Dillard Ross: The Ukrainian Files 

Sukelov ignored the small figure on the ground, knowing that the rifle’s fire would do no damage but he stopped smiling when he saw...

The China Connection: A Novel 

It’s a year after Hong Kong’s reversion to China. Aaron and Kellie’s dual purpose Hong Kong trip for business and pleasure descends into chaos...

Two Faces of the World: The Seeds of War

When King Arawn of Rhodareen was betrayed by his youngest son, who claimed his right for the throne, the main ally of the king,...

Gramma Tell the Story

Maida’s memoir is a response to her grandchild’s request – “Gramma, tell the story of how you came to America.” Her story looks back at her...

Another’s Child

1961 brought the promise of a family to couple Tom and Dot Cornell. Until one day, several days past her due date, Dot nearly...

Messages From The Mercy Seat

Messages From The Mercy Seat is a collection of meditations born from time in the presence of the Lord, words of encouragement drawn from studying...

3 Marbles

In 1999, a terrified three-year-old hides and listens while his neighbors are being murdered. Soon after, the young boy escapes from Chilapa, Mexico with...