Amra Podrug Kratina was born in Foca, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Life had always been hard on me. It kept playing with me and tormenting me, making me anxious and scared at every step of my life. Nevertheless, I did not lose hope and surrender myself into its evil trap. I freed myself from the hold it had on me.

My life in Bosnia was so gruesome that I don’t even want to think of it anymore. It scares me to death when the episodes of my life in Bosnia flash before my eyes. I am no longer trapped there, but the memories linger on. As I share my harrowing journey with you, I admit it won’t be easy for me to talk about it, but I have to face my fears and past demons and free myself. That is something I have learned by going through hell for years.

I have learned the hard way that in difficult times, people rarely come forward to help you. They fancy insulting and mocking you rather than sympathizing with you. All the hardships I went through were frightening and full of mishaps and anguish.

I am ready to tell you my life story, hoping it will inspire you to be bold and courageous and take control of your life.