Joshua Tree Publishing Books


The Dandelion Picker: A Personal Memoir by Patricia Ploss

Junkbox Diaries A Day in the Life of a Heroin Addict by Herbert Stepherson

A Family's Journey Through
Addiction, Recovery, and Grace by Lisa and Hans Scheller

Something Beautiful is Going to Happen . . . Melissa Young

I Was Born A Man by David E. Miller

Long Winded: An Oboist's Incredible Journey to the New York Philharmonic

The Fortunate Son by Timothy Trainer

Unseen Arms by Amy Brooks

Unseen Arms Reaching Out by Amy Brooks

Pulani by Ruchel Louis Coetzee

Summer of 49 Hot Dogs, Tamales, and No. 2 Washtubs by Charlie Bothuell


Saved for Success by Rev. LeRoy Thompson, Ph.D.

Now What? How to succeed even if college is not an option for you. by Kevin Ray Johnson

Finding the Lost Art of Family Storytelling

Creating Guests for Life by Paul Ruby

Dreamland in Reality Conception by John Paul Owles

Who Saves A Soul? by Sara Smith

The Art of Food and Feminism by Colleen and Gretchen Ehrhart

A Glimpse of Love by Alexis Salmeron

Body, Mind,
& Spirit

Everything Is God

From Sole to Soul by Barry Marmorstein, M.D.

Mirth is God's Medicine by Heather Thompson Buum, M.D.

With Mirth and Laughter by Heather Thompson Buum, M.D.

Zen Parent Guide by Amy Giustino Talbot

Discover the Power of I AM

I Have the Power to Grow


Wondabubba and the Big Splash

Princess Isabella and The Mystery of the Pink Dragon

Princess Isabella and The Mystery of the Golden Keys

Princess Isabella and The Mystery of the Disappearing Golf Balls

Princess Isabella and The Mystery of the Spooky Hill Cottage

Princess Isabella and The Twelve Santas


The Adventures of Francie Fitzgerald by Victoria Kamar Olivett

Chronicles of Kane by Timothy Aberle

Paint my Body Red by Charlotte Witvoet

Pendulum over the Pacific
Timothy Trainer

Yona by Joan Kretschmer

Michelangela and Debuts Discovering the Self by Joan Thomson Kretschmer

Another Outlaw in the West 
Joshua M. Turk

Alexander Newman

Blood and Bone The Arimathea Codex The Achsah Legacy Series by Jeremie Newcom

Beautiful Lightning
Bogdan Octavian Sopterean

A Private Hope Book One

A Private Hope Book Two

Winds of Shamal by F.D. Reed

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