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Princess Isabella at her book signing of Princess Isabella and the Mystery of the Pink Dragon, Saturday, February 22, at Ritzy Rover Pet Boutique, Highlands Ranch Colorado.

Amy Brooks, author of Unseen Arms getting her books ready for her first signing of the year.

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Los Angeles Times Book Prizes 2013 Robert Kirsch Award: from left to right: David L. Ulin, Book Critic of LA Times; winner Kevin Starr; Johnathan Kirsch, presenter.
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Consumer Electronics Show (CES): from left to right: Publisher John Paul Owles with Richard Spring, Publisher of Sly Fox Press and the Excel at Warp Factor 1 series

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Rice Brothers' Mystery:

Death by Deceit

Author: Niles Rader

13-Digit ISBN: 978-0-9823703-4-6 (Centaur Books)

Specs: 5" x 8" Perfect Bound  144 Pages

Publication Date: September, 2009

Retail Price: $13.95

The first few years of marriage Linda and Paul were very happy; they had two little girls whom they both loved very much. Eventually their life together changed dramatically due to Paul spending too much of his time at his job. Although Paul was a good provider, Linda needed much more out of this marriage than Paul was willing to give.

As they drifted farther and farther apart, Linda started attending classes at a gym to ease her tension. Here she met a young man who showered her with a lot of attention and soon was more than a friend.

When Paul and Linda finally separated, she married this new friend Mike—and the trouble began. First an accident that was not all it seemed to be. Then their lives started in a downward spiral, and death followed.

Paul asked for advice from Jim Rice, his attorney, on what he should do. The Rice brothers got deeply involved with their client when the accident happened.

Author Niles Rader

Author Niles Rader is the author of twelve books and a retired widower in the exciting city of Las Vegas. He enjoys writing books and playing golf, his favorite pastime.

Niles has recently completed the sixth in the series of detective mystery books about the Rice Brothers. The series includes Betrayed by Greed, Dumb Luck Pays Off, Death Was Inevitable, Death by Deceit, The Root of Evil, and Death Does Not Wait.