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Moments Like This

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Author: Sylvia Silvetti Havlish

13-Digit ISBN: 978-0-9829803-8-5

Imprint: Joshua Tree Publishing

Specs: 6" x 9" Perfect Bound, 240 Pages

Publication Date: September 21, 2012

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This is a book of memories…memories of the precious “moments like this” in our lives. For the past thirty years, I have been a bereavement counselor to many individuals and groups. Throughout those years I have been privileged to share in the memories of my clients’ loved ones. Getting to know these people who no longer walk the earth through the stories shared by everyone has added so much to the texture of my life. It has helped me to truly choose to live in the present moment…and to LIVE NOW! It has helped me to tell the ones I love that I DO LOVE THEM…NOW. I take nothing for granted.

My father, Sam Silvetti, was a gifted musician and composer of beautiful songs. My favorite one is aptly called, Moments Like This. I chose to name this book for that song…and for my father and mother…who gave me so many wonderful moments of love and light. The recording that accompanies this book is his song, written in the early 40s, and performed by my brother, Mike Silvetti. It is a beautiful love story set to music, and this is my “love story” back to all who read this.

Each one of the stories was lovingly recounted to me by my clients, friends, and family members. My hope is that the readers will not only get a “glimpse” into the lives of these people but will remember and appreciate the precious moments spent with their own special loved ones. We will all walk the “path of grief” sooner or later. If this can help anyone in their own walk, then our moments together in this book have been worthwhile. Embrace your present moment!


“There are few people who you meet that will impact your life in a dramatic way. Sylvia is one of those people. She has dedicated most of her life walking us down the painful path of grief. With gratitude and admiration for her never ending strength and true spirit, I can say I am blessed to have her walking beside me.”
With deepest respect, Linda Hower

Author Sylvia Silvetti Havlish

Sylvia Silvetti Havlish has worn “many professional hats” in her career. Formerly a teacher and counselor in a public school, she is currently the owner and founder of INSIDE OUT COUNSELING AND SEMINARS. Her business is a new concept in personal growth and development serving both individuals and small groups. The center is dedicated to providing a preventative approach to human problems. Sylvia’s counseling expertise is in the area of bereavement and grief support.

In addition to her private practice in counseling, Sylvia has developed and presented many seminars to schools, private businesses, churches and organizations. Her seminars extend to the field of personal development and are enhanced by her long standing position as a Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Blending her education in the field of counseling with her experience in motivation and training in the private sector has expanded the types of programs she presents.

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