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Princess Isabella at her book signing of Princess Isabella and the Mystery of the Pink Dragon, Saturday, February 22, at Ritzy Rover Pet Boutique, Highlands Ranch Colorado.

Amy Brooks, author of Unseen Arms getting her books ready for her first signing of the year.

Connie Bowman, right, author of To the Rescue, opens her first box of books with her sister.

LA Times Book Prizes

Los Angeles Times Book Prizes 2013 Robert Kirsch Award: from left to right: David L. Ulin, Book Critic of LA Times; winner Kevin Starr; Johnathan Kirsch, presenter.
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Consumer Electronics Show (CES): from left to right: Publisher John Paul Owles with Richard Spring, Publisher of Sly Fox Press and the Excel at Warp Factor 1 series

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Heart’s Reflections Thoughts & Insights





Author: Nina Frances Pierce

13-Digit ISBN: 978-0-9886577-6-2

Specs: 6" x 9" Perfect Bound; 46 Pages

Publication Date: August 1, 2013

Retail Price: $9.99

In October 2012 while waiting for my husband, I was sitting reading a book. Something told me to put the book away, get out a pen and pad, and write. I got out the paper and thought, “write what?” I just started to write and what you see in the first poem called Reflections was the result. It is exactly the way I wrote it that day.

After that I couldn’t stop writing. I needed my pad and pen everywhere I went. Two pages were written walking around in Costco. My husband bought me a light to wear around my neck so I could write in the car at night. Every word on these pages comes right from my heart, and I hope my words touch your heart.

I believe these pages were written to help people at a time when our world has become a scary, rapidly changing place. As you read this book, it makes you feel better about yourself and more in control of your life in a world that often feels out of control.

Nina Frances Pierce

Nina Frances Pierce

Author Nina Frances Pierce was born in Newark, New Jersey. Her two dreams as a young girl were to become a teacher and marry a wonderful man. She was very lucky to have both her dreams come true. She taught third grade for thirty years in Franklin Township in Somerset, New Jersey. She has been married to a wonderful man for 45 years. They have two grown children and three handsome grandsons. They retired to Las Vegas where they now live.