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The Becoming D. D. Duck





Author: Kathy Branen

13-Digit ISBN: 978-0-9886577-4-8

Specs: 6 x 9" Perfect Bound; 72 Pages

Publication Date: October 18, 2013

Retail Price: $12.95

From the moment I picked D. D. up on that Thursday evening, a special bond began forming with the little mangled duckling. I knew there was something special about D. D. and that she would be able to survive this tragic accident. As she grew, there was a knowledge in her soft eyes and an intuitive sense about her that made you aware she had a job to do. She comforted those who needed comfort whether it be animal or person and gave a piece of her heart to all those she loved. Her special kind of love was contagious. D. D.’s story is true and based the incidents through her life.

I hope when you read D. D.’s story, you can feel the joy and love that she shared with others. That you take with you the ability to see the world’s simple beauty in the flight of the birds in the sky, the soft gliding of the butterfly, and the courage to move forward on life’s journey. That you embrace the compassion and love that was and still is a gift from a very special duck who many called a friend.

There is nothing better than a D. D. Duck.

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Kathy Branen

Kathy Branen, D. D. Duck’s rescuer and friend.

"When D. D. Duck came into my life, I realized she was different. She had a spirit and will that was contagious. I have been around all types of animals all my life and never experienced an animal such as D. D. Duck. She had a contagious personality, a sparkle, and kindness in her eye that endeared her to all that she met. When you met D. D. Duck, you instantly left a piece of your heart with her."