Growing Up Strong

Growing Up Strong is dedicated to all of the mothers of the world and their beautiful children. My daughter went to a bookstore to find a gentle way to nudge her son into thoughts of weaning. When she couldn't find a book on the subject, I offered to write one. Every child is unique. Some kids wean themselves early, and others need extra time. Some need a suggestion from mom. This book is designed to help parents introduce the idea to their child in a gentle way. For More Information, visit his website: From Author Joseph Suste: This writing takes me back to my childhood and a wonderful memory of my mother breastfeeding my baby sister early one morning, while my brother, my three sisters, and I gathered around them. It was a euphoric experience for all of us which I will never forget.

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Growing Up Strong

Author Joseph Suste Joseph Suste is an engineer, actor, playwright, poet and fiction writer. He resides with his wife on a mini-ranch in Southern Oregon.

Joseph Suste's first novel, Sharp Obsidian, published in 2014, lays bare the inner struggles of a father and his strong-willed teenage daughter when she begins to test life’s boundaries. Her father refuses to let destructive influences twist her morals and dispirited, he commits his daughter to a teen recovery camp. She is indignant but meets the challenge with grit, uncovers her true essence, and matures into a savvy young woman.

Julia – A headstrong fourteen-year-old challenging her parents for control as she experiments with life’s temptations.
“If you are fourteen, have ever been fourteen or are the parent of a fourteen-year-old, you will find a connection to Julia.”

Steven – Julia’s father, frightened by the choices his daughter is making and determined to protect her.
“Any father of a teenage daughter will understand Steven’s motivation and recognize his fear.”

Joseph Suste's second novel, The Torture Trial of George W. Bush imagines prosecuting Bush for authorizing the torture of detainees by the CIA and U.S. military.

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The Torture Trial of George W. Bush
The Torture Trial of George W. Bush

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Joseph Suste

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8 x 10 inches, 16 Pages

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January 6, 2017

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Ariana Huffington and Joseph Suste

Joseph Suste and Ariana Huffington exchange books at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Joseph Suste at the LA Times Festival of Books

Joseph Suste at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books promoting his newly released The Torture Trials of George W. Bush and his Sharp Obsidian novel.

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