Blood & Bone: The Arimathea Codex

Blood & Bone: The Arimathea Codex
The Achsah Legacy Series

For nearly 2000 years, the Bonet family, descendants of the Biblical spy Caleb, have been the guardians of the Arimathea Codex, a diary of the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth, including portraits of Jesus and a map to the location of an ossuary—the limestone box that contains burial wrappings and the blood encrusted nails of Jesus from His crucifixion.

In 1943, the Codex diary falls into the clutches of the Gestapo, Adolf Hitler's secret police. A Jewish-Choctaw American teenager helps the Bonet's recover the Codex diary, but it means revealing to the world that the Bonet's are endowed with supernatural abilities and the twenty-first century Bonet's battle with a secret organization, a shadow world government, obsessed with possessing the relics of Jesus Christ's existence on earth.

Blood & Bone: The Arimathea Codex

Jeremie Newcom

13-Digit ISBN:

6" x 9" Perfect Bound; 236 Pages

Publication Date:
January 6, 2017

Retail Price: $17.95

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Jeremie Newcom, Author of Blood & Bone: The Arimathea Codex

Jeremie Newcom, a former sales executive and self-described horse fanatic, turned to writing after adopting a blush-colored, wild burro from the Bureau of Land Management. She began riding when she was five when her parents bought her a pony. Growing up, she competed in the Pony Hunter Division in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Georgia. After attending Rolex Kentucky Three-Day, she was hooked on Eventing, and began competing in the sport under the guidance of Lori and Bill Hoos in Franklin, Tennessee. Passionate about horses and children, she is actively involved with West Tennessee Healthcare's hippotherapy program, Rein-Bow Riding Academy. She lives in Tennessee with her family, two dogs and two cats. This is her debut novel. 

For more information, visit her website at:

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