Dr. Dawn Bennett Hudson has always believed that there is nothing more magical than a blank piece of paper and a pen. Through these instruments, one can go anywhere in space and time and accomplish one’s greatest dreams. Although Dawn stays busy as a high school teacher and mother, she always finds time to write.

Shadows from the Past is a psychological, paranormal thriller. Marlene Kincaid, granddaughter of a Choctaw shaman, knew immediately there was something different about the house she and her family moved into. Marlene was used to seeing spirits. So when she saw a spirit standing in the new house her father was thinking of buying, she wasn’t afraid —until the spirit pushed her and warned her to leave.

A tragedy from the past was being relived, and Marlene was central to the outcome. Haunting her first in her dreams and then in her waking hours, the evil that lived within the house was determined to destroy her. However, with great courage and the help of her spirit guides, she was able to defeat the spirits of three evil men, and not only correct an ancient wrong, but create a new legacy.

Author Dr. Dawn Bennett Hudson

Shadows from the  Past
Shadows from the Past

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Dr. Dawn Bennett Hudson

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6" x 9" Perfect Bound; 156 Pages

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October 1, 2015

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