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An Ember of Hope


Author: Amy Oberg

Imprint: Joshua Tree Publishing

13-Digit ISBN: 978-0-9823703-7-7

10-Digit: 0-9823703-7-7

Specs: 5" x 8 " Perfect Bound  108 Pages

Publication Date: January 1, 2010

Retail Price: $12.95

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Amy Oberg was living a seemingly invincible life. When tragedy strikes, an undiscovered void appears, and her emptiness hits rock bottom. Her journey through the depths of anger, betrayal and guilt leave her with only one ember of hope.

She was a typical bulletproof kid who was living life on a whim. She had a childhood that most kids dream of; her parents loved her around the clock. They were always there to back her up or bail her out with time, support or money. With a solid foundation, she never realized that something was actually forever. She had always been able to fix things no matter what—there was no life sentence, just a way for it to be “over.” It was bliss. Vulnerability didn’t get set into motion until she was nineteen years old. On a fairly decent path in life, tragedy struck. She instantly became a statistic—that would or wouldn’t last forever.

An Ember of Hope will challenge your heart to be open to the Creator. It will make you laugh, cry, think and love.

Amy Oberg

Author Amy Oberg

Author Amy Oberg has been married for over eight years and is delighted to stay home as a wife and mother. Her daughter, Emma Lee, is a bright eight-year-old hoping to write a book with her mom about blended families. Amy started a women’s small group called GIFT, Girls In Fellowship Together, helping young women traverse maturity in God. Amy is a singer/songwriter with a passion for worship. She loves the production industry and serves as a weekend service producer for church.

Amy and her husband, Dennis, currently lead and host a couples small group in their home. They serve on several leadership teams together and individually at their home church Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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