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The Torture Trial of George W. Bush

It’s no secret that President George W. Bush ordered the torture of terrorist suspects in the years following the 911 attack, yet powerful political forces and a legal firewall have protected him and his accomplices from prosecution. It takes the courage and dedication of Special Prosecutor Timothy Madegen to skirt an impotent U.S. Justice system and bring the torturers to trial. Allies join him: A reluctant federal judge holds off establishment forces, a protective Vietnam vet is driven by loyalty to Madegen’s dead father, a curmudgeon law professor offers inventive legal tactics, and a pretty political scientist falls in love with him. Ruthless forces oppose Madegen with slander, subversion, and violence. When a runaway grand jury stirs the media and the public, an unprincipled private investigator stalks him, and a famous defense attorney challenges him in court. Fact-based fiction, entertaining and informative, The Torture Trial of George W. Bush calls for action and pricks the conscience of political leaders and the American People.

Who Saves a Soul?

I wrote this book for all those people around the world who are suffering from bullying, abuse, depression, or suicidal thoughts. The people who are so deep into depression that they think life is no longer worth living and believe nobody cares about them—or that people just want them dead—so they give up. They believe nobody can save them, and their only option is to either hurt others or commit suicide.

I want to tell them they are wrong, because there will be someone who cares about them and wants them to keep on living. There will always be someone who can relate to their problem, and there will always be someone who can help them. It is my wish for everyone to live and look forward to the life that’s ahead.

I wrote my experiences in the back of the book so people will know I understand what they are going through.

Sara Smith

Shadows from the Past

Shadows from the Past is a psychological, paranormal thriller. Marlene Kincaid, granddaughter of a Choctaw shaman, knew immediately there was something different about the house she and her family moved into. Marlene was used to seeing spirits. So when she saw a spirit standing in the new house her father was thinking of buying, she wasn’t afraid —until the spirit pushed her and warned her to leave.

A tragedy from the past was being relived, and Marlene was central to the outcome. Haunting her first in her dreams and then in her waking hours, the evil that lived within the house was determined to destroy her. However, with great courage and the help of her spirit guides, she was able to defeat the spirits of three evil men, and not only correct an ancient wrong, but create a new legacy.

Author Dr. Dawn Bennett Hudson

Chiral House Release

Undaunted A Memoir by Van B. Choat

Undaunted A Memoir is a harrowing story of unimaginable loss, horrible abuse, and unspeakable tragedy. For a young orphaned Vietnamese girl, living in a war torn country, growing up is the hardest journey. She flees an army of demons, ghostly soldiers, false friends, conniving and dangerous relatives, callous bureaucrats, and a complex, endless war that ensnared a whole nation. She struggles to endure a life of impossible circumstances and situations, until help comes and changes her life.

"Life makes orphans of us all. Some of us get a head start. I should begin this story when I was born, but I don’t know exactly when that was and those who could tell me are long gone, as is the world we once shared. It probably doesn’t matter. Ours is an old story begun afresh each day in war zones around the world. Orphans are one big family that seldom gets to meet. We know only those who hold our hands and we have only two of those. This book is about the two kinds of 'sisters' who held mine.

"The first are the little girls, strong women, weak women, kind or cruel women, and old ladies who, being real or spiritual sisters, guided me from ignorance and despair to some kind of peace and understanding in my life. The second are the angels who watch over us from eons before our birth to what, sooner or later, will become the end of time."

Van B. Choat was born Nguyen Thi Hien in the village of Rach Gia, southwest of Saigon. Orphaned at age four in a bloody Viet Cong massacre in 1964, Van begins a heart-breaking odyssey that takes her from the loving care of her stoic grandmother to foster homes where relatives both nurture and abuse her. Surviving the Tet Offensive, teenager Van escapes to the U.S. with her adoptive family on the eve of Saigon’s 1975 fall. She faces poverty, brutality, and discrimination in an alien land–compounded by the untimely death of her young husband and high-school sweetheart, a U.S. soldier who gives her two sons and a new mission in life.

365 Days of Giving

365 Days of Giving Acknowledging God’s Gifts and His Practice of Giving

The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee. Jeremiah 31:3
God is good.
He loves us with an everlasting love. We don’t always fully understand words and phrases like this, but the closer we get to God, the more He reveals Himself to us and the more we begin to understand.

He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, as the ultimate gift to save the world. We recognize the birth of Jesus and the tradition of gift giving each year during the Christmas season. As great as this tradition has become, we should not limit our giving to one day or one season. And we should give liberally with a cheerful heart!

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Dreamland in Reality

If you are searching to become an Entrepreneur, John Paul Owles knows his insights of 40 years as an Entrepreneur will nudge you towards acknowledging the life God wants you to truly live.

"There is a new life awaiting you where Dreams do become Reality. I discovered the Criteria For an Entrepreneur as I journeyed toward my true destination, which I call Dreamland in Reality.

"My experiences will help you examine the challenges in your life as you reach for your dreams and move forward on your journey. What was required of me was to be in the Moment. If I followed my promptings, my Guidance, I was led in the direction God wanted me to go. And, to God’s amusement, I describe that path as an Entrepreneur.”

Author John Paul Owles